Our History

Church Planting

July 1988

All great enterprises start with a vision. God gave Dr. Bob and Barbara Benninger and Rev. John and Carol Cruise a vision for a new church in Cape Coral. Rev. Wilbur and Dorothy Coates joined the project as founding pastor and church planting began in July of 1988. A team of dedicated people called over 20,000 households to invite people to the new church. On September 11, 1988, 96 people met at Caloosa Middle School for the opening service. Pastor Coates’ first theme, “A New Beginning In Christ” became a reality for many people and for the church.

Fully Established

April 1989

The church achieved official status as a developing church on December 4, 1988. Later that same month the church purchased our current property. Then on Easter Sunday, March 26, 1989, the church met the organizational requirements and became fully established. God continued to bless and the church grew.


July 1993

In March of 1992, South Trust Bank gave the church its present building. People gave sacrificially of their time, energy and money to relocate and renovate the building. Now after meeting in several locations, the church had a home of its own and services in the new building began in July of 1993.



Rev. Wilbur Coates was the first of our dedicated pastors. He served the church from 1988 until his retirement in 1990. The church has benefitted from his continuing service and in 1997 became our Pastor Emeritus. ​ Other pastors include Rev. Jeff Wippert, 1990-1994; Rev. Mark Wilcox, 1994-1996 and Rev. Rick Stevens, 1997 to the present. The years have witnessed a panorama of the miracles of God’s grace and blessing. Yes, there have been heartaches and disappointments. But many people have found and followed Christ. These saints go marching on!



The Church works to serve the Lord in the Cape Coral community